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Renney fined $10,000

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After the Kings were yet another opponent with a power play advantage, Renney was asked why the Oilers didn't draw more penalties; his response:

Via the Oilers, Renney said after the game:

RENNEY: "They're good at home. As with the game in Edmonton, they're a desperate team and they're certainly going to stick with their game plan, and hope you're your opponent — us, in this case — makes the odd mistake to give them a chance, and that's what we did. It's tough sledding out there and we killed a couple too many penalties."

Q. You had trouble drawing penalties … [audio garbled]

RENNEY: "I'm not sure [why]. Maybe [they] need Hollywood in the playoffs. I'm not sure."

The NHL interpreted "they" as "hey, this dude's accusing us of fixing games in order to make sure a team from Los Angeles qualifies for the playoffs."

So did Renney ever say anything like that as the Ranger's coach? I'll bet not. B)

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Um, so the paradox is that a Freudian (intentional or not) is equal to a coach breaking a stick and climbing on the dashers foaming at the mouth to get at the opposition coach??

Just trying to make sure I know the echelons here. I mean, really, wtf?

If I was renney, I would receiver sign express post 1 million 1 cent coins to NY and Betteman and sign it "with kisses and love- Renney"!

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