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Grossman extended, sounds good to me!

Guest Spinorama

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Great move.

Lilja will not be resigned.

Bourdon will be resigned to a modest 1mill raise for the next 2-3 years.

Carle may walk, then Kubina will maybe be resigned cheaply.

Gus and Manning are both still under contract through next season @ 900K.

So it will look like this:




maybe Kubina as well.

Manning for call up injury duty.

Edit: One option could be trade JVR for a top #5 pick and prospect then Carle could be resigned with that savings.

Regardless there is no way i would give him a contract bigger than the one Coburn signed...

...just let him walk.

Or trade his rights if possible.

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Could this be the end of Carle or perhaps JVR? Tampa is already stated they will be pushing hard for a forward and goalie which figures to be Schneider.They have 2 firsts 3 and maybe four seconds and they dont want to give up any current starters. I'm not so sure they can get Schneider as i think the Canucks would rather move Luongo. Would Jvr be worth the 9 pick and a second? I'm not really on the trade Jvr wagon but this would free up salary space to resign Carle.

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So i guess you not happy with Kubina so far?

He's big but slow.

He hasn't showed me much yet to think "we got to sign this guy"....yet...still waiting.

I think he's too unsure of himself in the defensive zone against forechecks, and that leads to turnovers and possessions in our zone. He's not that good at outlet passing, nor skating. He can hit, clear the porch, and blast from the point, but I don't think he's good enough to warrant throwing money at him. He kind of reminds me of Hal Gill, but a little better. The Flyers would be better off in my opinion giving MAB the entire season to develop. That guy wants it.

Kubina is coming off a contract earning a 3.85m/yr cap hit, and turns 35 on the 15th of April, 2012. His next contract would be a 35+ under the current CBA (another question). I don't think I would want to lock up a guaranteed cap hit for him, unless he signs a very very inexpensive deal. Like under 2m, 1yr, no special clauses. I would be open to performance-based incentives such as blocked shots and power play shots on goal to increase the value. Maybe +/- too.

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You make all good points, that is why i'm ok with letting him walk after the postseason.

Unless something dramatically changes between no wand then.

Regardless of his play with the Fly guys cap situation he'd have to sign for about 1.5 mill, before i would even consider it.

Hell they still have one more season @1.7mill to bury Walker in the minors.

At the point i have been more impressed with MAB play and even though he's not quite as big he skates better and he can really lay the wood with his check too IMHO. Playoffs can change everything though....here's to a great out come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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