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While the rest of the NHL gears up for the playoffs...

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Burke is on Fan 590 right now telling us all how everything is going to be fine. Four years after saying what a rugged tough team he was going to build, his best players are Kessel, Lupul, Gardiner and Grabovsky. I'm ascared, you?

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April, 2006

April, 2007

April, 2008

April, 2009

April, 2010

April, 2011

April, 2012

Dear Leafs fans:

On behalf of the ownership of Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, we want to thank you for your

unwavering passion and loyalty. Like every fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs, we are disappointed with the

results of this season

1.The Toronto Maple Leafs are a public trust

2.with the greatest fans in the world. We have fallen short of

everyone’s expectations, and for that we are sorry

3. We take full responsibility for how this team

performs on the ice, and we make no excuses

4. The way this year ended was unacceptable

5. Results are

the only measure of success in sports

6 Ownership and the results speak for themselves.

7 believes in the plan for the Maple Leafs. All the resources at our disposal will be used to

make sure the entire organization is focused on making the Leafs a successful playoff team. We are

100% committed to ensuring we ice a team that competes with the NHL’s best. Passion, hard work and

accountability will always be the hallmark or our organization

8.The Toronto Maple Leafs are privileged to have such passionate and loyal fans. We do not take that for


9. Our entire organization wants nothing more than to deliver a team to makes you proud

10 see foot note

1.Every missed playoff game represents millions of dollars in lost revenue. Millions.


2. We are not a public trust. We are a privately held corporation with a fiduciary duty to maximize profits

3 See footnote 1

4.We reserve the right to make excuses involving “unforeseen drop-offs in play”; Gustavsson “carrying us” and

other issues as they arise

5. See footnote 1

6. Results are just one measure. Other measures include, but are not limited to: huge pay cheques, lush lifestyles,

fame, a side door in the dressing room so players can leave before doing media interviews, sponsorships, etc.

7. Remarks do not reflect the positions of Rogers and Bell who do not assume ownership until summer 2012

8. Other hallmarks include, but are not limited to, massive profits, aggressive protectionism of our brand and

properties, poor drafting, below average goaltending and a habit of trading away draft picks and prospects, etc.

9. Sentiment only valid towards seasons ticket holders

10. See footnot

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What a big baby! If the Flyers ever pulled a stunt like this, I'd get on a plane (ok, dog sled first, then skidoo, then a small plane, then a big plane) and march into Snider's office and take a dump on his desk to show him my displeasure.

There's only one way to apologize to fans and that's to stop sucking. On the ice.


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I didn't hear the presser ... Burke is still trying to sell fans Bozak as a first line center?

Where is Vader when we need him? Iwant need to know how strong the Leafs' prospect pool is looking. I'm sure Kadri and Colborne are the next wave in a series of "can't miss" future Leaf superstars, in the tradition of former greats like Stajan, Steen, Tlusty, and Kulemin.

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