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Went to this new place for last nights game. Great atmosphere, and they make it like being at the game. Between the intro and Lou Nolan doing the voice over. etc. Really cool place to be for a Flyers playoff game.

A few things though for those who havent been there yet. If you go, get there early especially during this playoff run. Pretty obvious but it was jam packed in there.

There is a $40 minimum per person who want a table. No biggie. Thats easy to run up lol.

I went outside during the 2nd intermission to have a quick smoke, but was NOT able to get back in this place even already having a table until a minute left in the game. Standing in line waiting for the doofuses who handle door security to let people in. Ofcourse, the hot chicks were going in though LOL

Hopefully they either designate a smoking area like the stadiums do, or give you a hand stamp or something if you have a table and there is a 40 dollar minimum. Really pissed me off because i literally missed the 3rd period trying to get back in the place. They have screens outside, but being close to the door going in you couldnt see much.

Just an inside view of what to expect if any of you guys go down there for a game and such. Great place, but they need to fix some things down there.

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Exactly. The frustrating part was i was towards the FRONT of the line and i told the guy at the door i had a table. Nothing was done. Now i understand anyone can just say they have a table. So they need to give people vouchers or something to show that they were already in the place. The tv's outside are great, but again being in the front of the line by the door there was no way to see them and with that tab, im not hanging out outside the whole time.

Anyways, the biggest irony was being at the hot spot for Flyers games and missing the 3rd period. LOL. Im happy about the win though so its not a total loss. But i want to warn other fans that havent been there before to plan accordingly so they dont get shut out. lol

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