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Dubinsky game misconduct a joke...

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So the melee in the opening minutes of game 2 cost the Rangers Dubinsky and the Senators Carkner, great tradeoff for the Sens.

the fact that 17 was the 3rd man in is what i guess the ruling was, but the way i looked at that was Boyle was down and Carkner was still going to town on him, there was no help from any linesmen or referee, Dubinsky was just sticking up for his boy who was getting worked. that rule is crap, each instance needs to be judged on its own merits and in this case, i think the refs did the Rangers a huge disservice, i would hope that any Flyer would do what Dubinsky did there.

this league and it's relationship with the violence of the game needs some more thought. what is happening now isn't working.

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I don't feel he should have gotten a third man in when his teammate is all turtled up laying on the ice while carkner is rabbit punching him, you should be allowed to defend your teammate.


with that said time for a joke:


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That whole situation was a ****-show... I can't believe that the ref stood by and watched Boyle get pummeled (not that I didn't enjoy it).... seems odd that they wouldn't work it out so that the Rags player didn't get ejected. In the end, Boyle brought it upon himself by being a **** the last game.

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