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Is There Still a Third-Man-In Rule?

Guest NoVaFlyerFan

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@peter puck

Adams did get a game misconduct, I'll assume it was for being the third man in, but the boxscore doesn't state why.

He got an instigator penalty. They don't call it "third man in" anymore.

Correction: Apparently they do still call it "third man in":


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I never see it called anymore, but it seems like Adams attacking Hartnell at the same time that Crosby is trying to instigate a fight with Hartnell is as blatant as it gets. If it does not apply in that scenario, when does it apply?

well, generally when there is an actual fight going on that the third man jumps into. no fighting major for crosby there = no third man in.

the trade off there is that adams was given the instigator, because the refs decided there was no "fight" prior to him getting involved.

either way, it's a misconduct. worked out better for the flyers, because there is no minor penalty accompanying a third man in call.

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