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Claude Giroux - Because It's The Cup

Guest FlyersFan4Life

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According to Bleacher Report (take it for what it's worth) Giroux is currently ranked --- 17th. (3 Penguins higher).

Here's the top 20 with a link at the bottom to the full article.





H. Sedin

D. Sedin

Shea Weber

Pavel Datsyuk

Jonathan Quick



Kris Letang

Corey Perry

Jaroslav Halak


Tim Thomas

Claude Giroux


Pekka Rinne

John Tavares


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That's about as meaningful as: "according to my neighbor".

Oooohhh, I missed that part. Makes sense now. Some of those guys are certainly top twenty, but I couldn't for the life of me figure out how they got that order criteria-wise. Now I know there was none in the first place.

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Letang gets caught up trying to make the big hit and wanting to be a bad-ass occasionally, usually his skating can help make up for the odd mistake, we have a lot of guys that can skate with him right now so if he starts out a step behind he cannot catch up like he can with 90% of the league.

he's a nice player, great hair.

i think as a rule those Pens let their hatred of the Flyers take up too much space in their noggins... I know crosby has relished playing well against our team, I think he carries a grudge since Hatcher rearranged his smile in year one. I hope he continues to lead them in this manner though, it is fun beating them and keeping their fans quiet.

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