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Hulk Hogans message to Flyers Fans

Guest Irishjim

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Kudos to the PR department for getting the "Real Hulk Hogan" to do this and thus taking a jab at the penguins/fans. Only thing better is if Hulk would have called that doosh bag that likes to play dress up in Pittsburgh a wanna be.

That being said, he did ruin a perfectly good Hartnell shirt!

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HAHA all them Roids and he can still barley rip a Tshirt WOW!!!!!!

Still loved Hartsy doing the Hogan to the Pen fans though.......

The "problem" was that they hadn't cut the bottom hem off the t-shirt, as they do for him when he does this in wrestling.

There's not supposed to be a "tough part" at the end of the ripping.

After the Pittsburgh incident on April Fools' this was a great answer (as were the WHATCHA GONNA DO? t-shirts)..

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I know but it was funny as hell to watch him struggle...

.....in fact cracked me up so much that i had to rewatch a couple of times!!!!!!!!!

Go Flyers!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bust out that sweep so everyone can rest up...

Bruins and Rags await eventually...

....the Cup run (if there is to be one of course)this year will be HELL and a true test of DEPTH...

...which i got to say is the deepest in well over a DECADE if not more...UNBELIEVABLE i might add....all this without Pronger, Mezz, JVR and WITH the liabilities of Lilja and Kubina(although aren't no Krecji or Parent)...damn good.

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