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What game was Crosby watching?

Guest TedZep

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"You know, there is more than one team getting in those things so you can make a story all you want about us getting frustrated," Crosby said after his team absorbed an 8-4 loss Sunday at Wells Fargo Center. "We are playing playoff hockey and they are doing the same things we are. It's intense and you can say that we got frustrated, but we didn't.

Let's break it down:

"We are playing playoff hockey" No, no you aren't. You are playing embarrassing hockey, not only in the way you are getting beaten ever which way, but how you are responding to getting beaten. They blow those whistles for a reason, is half your team deaf?

"and they are doing the same things we are. " No, no they aren't. Flyers were jumped after they scored the first couple goals; talk about poor sportsmanship. The Flyers did no such thing. Except as reaction, the Flyers eased up at the whistle, the Pens continued to hack and crosscheck and slash. Head shots... purely a Pittsburg Penguin kind of thing, multiple times. And talk about a lack of sportsmanship: hair pulling, knocking someone's equipment away from them, whining... the men are in O&B, the girlchildren in the yellow and black.

"you can say that we got frustrated, but we didn't." Three lies in only two sentences! That's almost as bad as two goals in three games. Usually teams get dirty as a result of being frustrated, as violence is the last refuge of the incompetent. If this isn't the case, and it isn't frustration, then the Pens dirty play is premeditated and systematic. Which is it Sid?

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