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I am a wings fan, but love hockey, follow as much as I can with all teams. Thought this would be the series of series my wife and I both hate Crosby and hoped for the flyers in a tough bloody seven game series. A few observations.

I think the Penguins with Crosby back figured they had enough fire power to go toe to toe with any team and beat them in a high scoring slugfest and didnt need to worry about defense. Cindy, Malkin, Neal, Letang, the Pens were favored in Vegas to win it all and they believed their own press notices, figuring they could throw the gloves on the ice and the Flyers would fold. Didnt happen. When the flyers pushed back the Pens have been lost.

Giroux, simply put is the best player in hockey. The Flyers play as a team, fight as a team, and frankly have figured out the Pens. Still not convinced they will get past the Rangers who seem to have their number but if they play this way anything is possible.

Unlike most teams including my beloved Red Wings, the flyers best players will play a physical game, muck it up and even fight. They leave blood, theirs and the opponents on the ice every game. Hartnell, simmonds, Briere and Talbot scored 100 goals between them with nearly 400 penalty minutes. This team is built for the playoffs and I cannot see anyone ever wanting to play them. Good luck flyers, this team is wildly entertaining win or lose and I will be watching every minute going forward.

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