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Flyers should take lesson from Pens moving forward.....

Guest NJSikkbreed

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Once we run the Penguins back into their holes for the summer..... I think the Flyers should stop, think

and maybe learn a lesson from their lack of composure moving forward.

There are just certain times when ONE team gets in the other's heads and nothing ever seems to go right....

you cant beat them. And then the frustration comes out and you get that classless display on maturity we saw w/ the Penguins


Well -- if things were to line up right --- the Flyers may be moving forward to play the team that's been in THEIR heads all season

long, the New York Rangers.

If we matchup w/ NY -- and things start going downhill -- we should learn from the Pens on what NOT TO DO.....before your

emotions let the series start slipping away.

I dont want to get ahead of myself --- but while we all may be enjoying being on top of Pittsburgh right now -- let's just remember

we could be in the same exact situation -- but on the OPPOSITE end very soon vs New York!

If we keep our cool -- we can beat that team.....maybe in sporadic games here and there they didnt do too well

--- but in a playoff series, we are built to last and can take those guys out in a deep matchup....

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