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Wow Florida!

Guest Mad Dog

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Did anybody watch tonight's game? Obvioulsy, the Flyers are no longer the only team that can come back from a 3 goals deficit. The Devils started the game with a statement and scored quick three goals, I believe during the first 10 minutes, chased Theodore out of the net, and really looked poised for an easy victory. Instead, they ended up losing 3:4, looking quite hapless in the process.

Among many observations, Brian Cambell looked quite impressive.

Brodeur looked bad and was pulled, by the way...

I am actually pulling for the Devils a little, because as long as at least one of the teams who finished below us in the standings win, we won't have to face the Rangers. So it will be interesting to see what happens in this series, but the Devils looked stunned as teh game was winding down.

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Yeah I was watching it with 1 eye basically - pretty incredible, 4 unanswered goals by the Cats. I didn't pay attention enough to see where the breakdowns were though...except in net. Like you said Marty was shaky the whole night till he got chased. I don't know what happened to all those puck-handling skills but if I were a Debbie's fan I would've been nervous every time he touched the puck.

the Devils looked stunned as teh game was winding down.

The last 10 I watched with both eyes and what you said really nailed it. They looked beaten way before the buzzer. Their "fans" didn't help them much either...it was like a church in there.

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