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Caps-Fan-Hating Brad Marchand Swears He Didn’t Dive

Guest Irishjim

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There are some facts in the world that are undeniable: the earth is round, the sky is blue, and Brad Marchand is a diver.

On Sunday, after Jason Chimera clipped that “little ball of hate” en route to a Capitals goal, the Caps game entertainment crew showed a replay of Marchand falling to the ice, followed by a video clip of a diver jumping into a swimming pool. Caps fans went wild.

When notified of this by Boston reporters Tuesday, Marchand was adamant he plays the game honest. “For them to judge what knocks you down, they don’t know your balance or whatnot on the play. They’re sitting at home watching on TV. I don’t really care what they say. [Caps fans] have no impact on my game, my life. They mean nothing.” Same here, buddy.

Luckily for us, we’ve been forwarded an even better view of Marchand’s fall via reader @Athryn.


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