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Your birthday lineup

Guest JackStraw

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Saw this on hfboards and thought it would be fun, put together a 6 man lineup of players who share your birthday (doesn't have to be the same year).

My birthday was previously Sept 7:

Matt Cooke (yes, I threw up in my mouth a little) - Jacques Lemaire - Eric Fehr

Baldy Northcott - Bryan Maxwell

Lindsay Middlebrook

However, I am officially changing my birthday to March 20:

S Kostitsyn - Filppula - Charlie Simmer

Robert Gordon Orr - Dennis Wideman (maybe Nick Leddy instead of Wideman, as if it even matters given the other guy)

Robbie Tallas


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You have no goalie and are short two D-men

But he does have two guys named "Milan".

PS: Prolly should have posted this link in the first place. Easy way to find out who was born when:


March 31 has a killer team:

Gordie Howe, Pavel Bure, Bob Pulford

Brad Marsh, Gord Lane

Tom Barrasso/Gilles Gilbert

Two HOF'ers and a few Stanley Cup rings among them

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My team blows..but I might be able to kick some ass with Ruskowski and Gillis based on career PIMS. And Gillis is moving from Center to Wing. BTW..December 31st. New Year's Eve was a bad day for defenseman.

Terry Ruskowski--C

Paul Gillis--LW

Rene Robert-RW

Dan Focht-D

Lex Hudson-D

Corey Crawford-G

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Of course silly me.

You are correct with Specia K (although I think Yahoo is his only source). He, PF_Reincarnated and new persona AmericanPsycho finally got me banned from Silly.com. I am not sure what I did and admin will not reply to my inquiries and personally I don't give a rats ass.

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Yeah, I continued for a bit continuing to call BS on special K (and randomly having hockey talk with a few stragglers). Special k created a couple of additional personas to keep himself entertained in the lull after the exodus.

It just cracks me up, because their is the guy that goes to every silly.com forum, every thread and spams about some china designer clothers. He of course if not banned. comical.

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