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Clarke And Lindros To Officially End Feud.

Guest Leach27

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Long overdue. Clarke has stated that he wants to shake 88's hand (at alumni game) to officially end the fireworks. This is a great thing imo. So many things happen in the organization in regards to merchandising and 88 is always left out on purpose, hopefully now that will change. I'm not sure if fans realize how huge Lindros was for the organization. I have not forgot him after all these years.


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This is nice to see. About 5 years too late imho. But that is life.

The only problem with the whole debacle is that Lindros should never have been captain and perhaps he should had some smarts at some point (perhaps after 3 years in the league), to separate himself from his parents and hire an agent. I mean he was already a multi-millionaire at that point.

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It'll be nice when it's officially over. Though I won't be surprised in the least if one (or both) throw a sucker punch as they're shaking hands.

LOL...I was thinking exactly the same thing fc..and it is probably a safe bet that Eric's parents won't be part of that deal. I always liked his (Lindros) style of play when he wore the O&B. If he had ever learned to keep his head up he would have played a lot longer in the league.

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Yea, this is way overdue.

88 re-invigorated the whole Flyers brand in the 90's, he built WF Center and was just awesome to watch.

Too bad they could not have done this in 1998.

that and teach Eric how to skate with his head up. I'd love to know what could've been if Eric maintained his health AND maintained the same dominant level of play that he had up to around 98. Between injuries and management/parents, 99 and '00 can thrown out for what I'm getting at.

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I would love to see Clarke and Lindros shake hands, embrace, and end the animosity. Lindros is one of the greatest Flyers ever and had he remained healthy, likely would have surpassed Clarke as the greatest Flyer of all time.

There were mistakes made on both Lindros and the Flyers part but Lindrhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oR389em23T8os was/is too big for the franchise to cast out like he never happened.

Look at where Eric is on the all time stats leaders of the team.

Points - 5th despite only playing in 486 games in the O&B he had 659 points where Clarkie had 1210 in 1144 games.

Assists - T5th with Ricky Mac. What's telling is he had 3 more assists then Brindy despite playing in 147 less games

Goals - 8th with 290 - if he were not so unselfish he easily could have scored more goals but he made players like Brent Fedyk and Trent Klatt 20 goal scorers

PIMS - Despite only 486 games, his penalty minute total ranks 12th with 946. It's a testament to his physical style

You take all that into consideration and add the fact that his presence allowed Ed Snider to build the new arena and being the face of the franchise, it is great that they are burying the hatchet. Even better is that this will hopefully allow Lindros to secure his rightful spot in the Flyers Hall of Fame and have his number retired by the team.

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