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The WEST looks a lot different w/ teams left.....

Guest NJSikkbreed

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One thing that I like this year, there will be a new team from out West making a Cup appearance.....some team

that we havent seen in a long time... and most never at ALL!

It's nice knowing we wont have the same Red Wings, Avalance, Canucks, Stars, etc coming from that conference

this year --- and any of the teams remaining will be a fresh face in the Stanley Cup Finals.

I'm pulling for Phoenix overall (sorry 'Yotes!).

Not looking ahead (but if the Flyers get there, fantastic) -- someone give me a little more insight on some of these teams

I dont get to watch too often..... I can see that the Blues and Kings can play some stiffling defense, good goaltending....

but, I really dont know too much about the Coyotes or Predators.....

how do any of these teams match up vs our Flyers, potentially.... and who would you like to see --- and who would you NOT

like to see if the Flyers make the Cup??

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You know, of the remaining teams, that would by far be the most exciting finals!

Hmm...I say the Kings Flyers would be the most exciting. Kings have to be considered bigger underdogs than the Flyers but still, you have to admit, the drama value of that match up would be high.

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