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Flyer Presser Called for 5 pm EDT

Guest Podein25

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It's Philly..I'm saying Bryz is hurt, will miss playoffs, and we are back to Bob and Leighton.

OMG...can you imagine the hysteria that would ensue!!!!

For the record, I was kidding.....

Black humor.

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timonen ?

would they really do the captain thing now ? after a week where there was literally nothing else going on ?

free agent signing from the NCAA ?

i don't know, there's a lot of things it could be.

Pronger to retire might be a good one but why now ?

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I got it. It took all my resources, but I finally got it.

Paul Holmgren saved a boat load of money by switching to GIECO. Who knew that 15 minutes could save you 15% on your car insurance.

It's posts like this that keep me browsing this board at work even though I might get in trouble with my boss.

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If they announce a new captain I'm gonna be pissed that Hommer didn't have the sense to wait and allow as few distractions as possible or that Pronger (even if hes made his mind up already) couldn't wait until the playoffs are over.. On the flip side, if they do...not G, not yet. I go with..............wait for it...................Talbot !

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