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Tonight's Game is Huge for many reasons.. Duh.

Guest Bakanekimiwa

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i know they're all huge... because it's the cup. but, this one is our hugest of these young playoffs. why? well, we've basically squeaked out a 1-1 tie with jersey as the first game was up for grabs and we totally sucked last game. jersey was good last game, we have to give them their due. if they play like that again tonight and we go flat again, we're in big trouble.

we can't expect them to win both games on the road, but they *need* to get a split at the very least. this first game in jersey is the most important one because of momentum. we can't be down 2-1 on sunday with another game in jersey. at that point, we're basically hoping to last 7 games.

if we can win tonight's game we've got that momentum back and regained our home ice 'advantage?'. i know it's probably not wise to look ahead when you don't know if you'll be making it bye the current round, but the rangers have taken a lead on washington. sounds great right? well, they are getting the crap beat out of them and they are logging some serious minutes. especially on their thin D.

in other words, it would be very advantageous for the flyers to come out tonight and realize what's at stake here. win tonight... we're back in control. win this series and we're looking at a matchup with a battered rags team for a ticket to the stanley cup final. win the series earlier than the rags and we've got a fairly well rested group against a team that has gone to 7 games in the first round and we'll see about this round, but a triple OT is already 2 games in one night. that's a pretty huge drain even though they won it.

if you look at the west, there's no team out there that we can't beat in a 7 game series.

ok, i'll stop getting too far ahead, but sometimes you need to visualize the future to make it happen. let's hope they make it happen tonight exactly how i'm envisioning it.

go flyers.

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All good points.

This team for whatever reason(maybe cause at home the fans are so quick to get on them) play better on the road.

So hope they can make up for the turd they laid the other day. Bryz needs to still be rounding into form because there ain't nothing but stellar goaltending left in the playoffs and many will argue and i can't defend that the Flyers have the WEAKEST net left in this contest.

So it will have to be a TOTAL TEAM EFFORT FOR 60 and it's a WIN.

If not it will be hard to climb back with this bunch.

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