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The Flyers have to retutn to Physical Hockey

Guest The Quigster

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It was there in Pitt,it was there in game one with the Devils.While I like the effort Wellwood brings,I think for this series Sestito would be a better choice. He need to play with the better forwards and not a goon line. Lavi doesn't seem to appreciate how physical player's presence on ice helps keep the other team's heads up. Sestito is a guy who I'm sure the Devils would like to avoid. He doesn't have to fight,just be on the ice.

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Wellwood has been one of the few highlights on the team. So lets reward that effort with the pressbox?

Agreed. If Wellwood's hands were half as fast as his skates, he'd have probably three goals this series.

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Sure. But even with his lack of scoring...his effort has had the Devils on their heels, which is all you can ask of your 4th line.

No no no, I AGREE with you. Scoring chances come to those that work for them. Wellwood has earned his chances, and the ice time.

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Wellwood will be rewarded in this series i believe. Kid has mad speed, his hands will get better.

I believe he is up for good.

There is no going back to the Phantoms for him.

Whatever happens he is here for good.

He has earned it.

If everyone had his intensity...they would be closing the series out TODAY!!!

To many of the Flyers forwards for whatever reason have taken their foot off the pedal...and are coasting!!!!!!!!!!

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