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Dump & Chase - No

Guest BearOnIce

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The Flyers executed the "dump" part perfectly--it was the "chase" that they forgot!!

Most embarrassing performance I've ever seen by the Flyers in a playoff game. So horrendously passive!! That was very painful to watch. It was amazing the final score wasn't 10-0. Just shows the Devils could be beat, if the Flyers would actually show up.

Well, it's not over--but, I feel the end is near. I will still watch every minute of every game until the Flyers are done.

Do you remember 2002?! Wouldn't it be sweet to reverse that in 2012? (I can dream can't I?).

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The problem is both their dumps and their chase. You cant dump hard around the boards against Marty because he just plays the puck in the trapezoid and makes an outlet pass. They Flyers need to either make accurate dumps to the opposite corner so the puck comes out of the corner and never gets to where Marty can play it, or they need to try lob dumps that barely make it to the end line to give the forecheck time to catch up a pressure them in their zone. It's not rocket science but they are failing to execute.

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