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Building the Flyers:What do you think? Kind words for all?

Guest The Quigster

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First of all "Build through the draft",this is the way its supposed to work and I hope Homer stays with it. Think of Cooter.In print yesterday,Ovekchin&Semin joined Malkin in the world games.Makes me wonder whats most important to them,Mother Russia or the Stanley Cup. Maybe Bryzo has a comment on that ? Goalies: Are there no North American goalies available to the Flyers? All these European types aren't working,time to get some new scouts! Bigger&tougher: Something thats missing here and has been for a long time,works for LA. Did you notice Jeff Carter forechecking in last nights game(wonders will never cease!) ? Keep up the youth movement:Out with the old,start with Bryzo,find him a nice home in the anywhere,Jagr,Kimmo,Kubina,Lilja,Shelley,etc.,Move Em'! The coaching staff needs something! It would be nice if Homer could bring Lindros in to show the young guys how real hockey is played by some body who has been there! This would be called "Inspiration",something thats really lacking here now!

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