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Coach Ivan Pravilov: A Real Predator

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My son's Bantam AA team played against the Druzhba 78 team last Labor Day at IceWorks, in Aston, PA. They are/were as good as stated, in this article. I actually spent 20 mins talking to Pravilov, while he was watching another game.

Hell has a special place for people like him.

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Gazoo....My grandson, also played against a Druzhba 78 team. This team was Peewees. They were billeted in New Hampshire, on their way to Quebec City.

I've never seen a more sober bunch of 11 and 12 year-old kids. There was no talking or yak from the bench. It was a 0-0 game until the third period, when one of the Ukranian kids got a goal. The kids didn't make a sound. No cheering, no stick banging, nothing. The kid who got the goal tapped gloves with another kid, but that was the extent of any celebration.

I thought at the time, that it was a great shame for these kids to travel all that distance and not be having fun. I sure wouldn't accuse any one of abuse, but those kids should have been having a better time.

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The writer describes your observation quite clearly, “They had hollow eyes.”


so during that trip he was being investigated......

In the summer of 2011, Kelly began to investigate Pravilov. One day, he visited IceWorks in plainclothes just to check out Pravilov and the kids. Although he admittedly knows little about ice hockey, the talent of Pravilov’s teams was obvious, even if the silence was odd for a group of teens. “They just killed the American teams,” he says. “There was no comparison whatsoever. But those kids sat on that bench every time I was there and never said a word, ever, to one another.”

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They did a peculiar warm-up. They did the 2 on 1 from the blue line in, but without pucks. They mimed passes and shooting. The goalie pretended to stop the shot. The exercise just added to the odd atmosphere.

Most of the Ukranians I've met are gregarious and fun-loving. Those kids didn't fit that expectation.

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