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Toronto Biggest Sports Loser in all Pro Sports

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TORONTO - The legacy left behind by the smiling Richard Peddie: Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment Ltd. has made Toronto the biggest loser in all professional sport

Don’t believe me? Do the math.

MLSEL owns teams in the NHL, NBA and MLS — and combined the Maple Leafs, Raptors and soccer Reds sport the fewest number of wins of any similar North American market place. To date, Toronto teams have won 58 of 156 games played this season. That’s an organisational winning percentage of .371. That’s a disgrace by an definition.

By comparison, teams in New York win 56% of the games played in those three leagues.

Of the 14 markets that have both NHL and NBA franchises, six made the playoffs in both leagues this year, another six made the playoffs in one of the leagues, and only in two places — Toronto and Minnesota — did teams miss the playoffs in both leagues.

In Los Angeles, for example, teams in the NBA and NHL still are alive two months into the post-season, this coming off a soccer championship and with baseball’s Dodgers running away in the National League West.

The Minnesota market, with terrible teams across the board, has at least had six playoff appearances by the Twins since the Blue Jays won the World Series. And the worst part of the MLSE trio of incompetent teams — there is nothing at this time to make you believe next year will by any better.


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Cleveland hasn't win a major sports championship since 1964....

Only thing worse than the mistake by the lake is San Diego hasn't won one since 1963... Though with less pro teams than Cleveland has hosted.

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