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3 More Wins to Go!

Guest AndyS

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Awesome win for the Kings.

Quick was solid & Kopitar with a sweet shot to win it.

Justin Williams made a terrific pass on the OT game-winner too.

Marty actually played really well. If not for him, the Kings probably win 4-1.

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In a sense the Kings were also fortunate to get the W, NJ shoulda potted 2 in the third. Sutter knew it and sent the house at the end which made for a good game.

Same time, NJ prolly can't get a much better performance out of Brodeur, and it resulted in losing home ice.

Andy - didn't know who to I was gonna pull for, but it will bother me to see two more Calder Cup cohorts raise a Cup on another team. Almost as bad as a number 88 and our possible lottery pick scoring a Cup clinching OT goal in the house that Lindros built.

So, When ZUBRUS decked Carter, that was it, go DEVS.

I wanna see LA squirm.

Will we see it?

Can you bet against a 9-0 Road Favorite in G2?!

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I am rooting for the Kings without hesitation. If the Flyers were facing them, it would be a different story.

I'm still a fan of Richards, Gagne, etc. Even Carter.

Hope they win it.

. . . and I hope our Flyers finally win it again next year.

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