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Dainus Zubrus, Biggest diver in the league

Guest terp

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He's definitely the latest 'poster-boy' for diving... it's pretty bad to watch him out there b/c he's not even good at it. I'm shocked that he hasn't had any "unsportsman like" calls against him.

It would be a tight race between him and vancouver/pittsburgh's finest.... he might take it though.

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I really wish they'd call it more often and try and get it out of the game. It's an embarrassment to the sport.

It isn't called enough to provide any deterrent. I think we're seeing the result of that when we see Dainus Zubrus go down like he did at one juncture last night. Lame, transparent attempts like that one should be penalized without any hesitation whatsoever. Zubrus drew my attention as well because I'm convinced he dove on the play Giroux was suspended on.

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