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Trade Rumor: Kane for Nash

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First off, I will try and discount the "Wisconsin Weekend" antics and the "Buffalo Cab" incident due to the fact he is young and mentally still immature in the presence of alcohol.

What I won't forgive him for is wearing the sacred #88. He is not nor will he ever be an #88 kind of guy.

To answer your question, NO. Not in a million years in my book. The answer is not that short and kind of plays both angles, so please bear with me.

To start, I think Nash is far more dynamic and multi-dimensional. His cap hit is higher, but he is more valuable overall in my book. In addition, his off ice maturity is far higher.

However, this is not the only reason I say no to the trade. I think what some critics of Kane need to do is step back and weigh in his on ice attributes vs. his off ice antics. Any trade that could possibly take place may be because the Blackhawk organization needs to save face and keep their image squeaky clean, well, sans Dan Carcillo.

I am not denying that Kane is a good hockey player. He had 41 points in 38 playoff games spanning from 2008-10. Very good and impressive numbers. The last 13 playoff games not so much, but I attribute that to not shooting as much.

Kane has shown what he is both on and off the ice; he is blessed with athletic ability yet cursed with immaturity. Will age cure that? I would hope so. Is he a distraction? Yes, but not any more than any other distraction that existed before social media and the internet. I doubt the players were grandma's boys back in the 60's, 70's and 80's.

So all in all, Kane is a Blackhawk, one that has proven his worth in the past. He needs to grow up, yes, but trading him would be harmful to the organization. Nash, is a great player, but not the one that would fill any voids left by Kane. In addition, I think Nash could get a far better return than Kane in the open market.

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