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Head Fake? Will Homer Pull Another Blockbuster?

Guest Howie58

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First, it's nice to see folks here. And I hope Flyers West wins the Cup, if only to remind us that the Flyers staff must do some reasonably good drafting...whether they give people enough time to grow and mature...different story.

OK, this is not a drug- or Merlot-induced brain turd, but something seems strange here. Why do we want Jagr back? Points aside, I think it is presence.

I am sticking my neck out here but have to wonder if Homer is going to do something other than a tweak? Seriously--does he want a senior presence because there may be a new set of cards in the deck?

I would hate to see a Voracek go. Even more so with Simmonds. But if Homer wants a defensive rebuild with a lost Carle and a depleted Timmonen and Pronger pseudo-retired...will he need to give up some of our young forwards and bring in others?

It's just a thought. Frankly, I don't see the need for Jagr if the same crew was around. They have had their father figure and G is the new one.



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Hi Howie,

Good to see you here as well.

I think the interest in Jagr returning has to do with his (reportedly) positive influence on this very young core....especially Giroux, who it seems bonded in a student-teacher way this year. The rookies aren't rookies anymore, but they are still young and can benefit greatly from being around Jagr's work ethic. I never thought I'd type a sentence like that one.....

But if you are right and there is a blockbuster in the works, it must be for a #1/2 defenseman. Would NAS entertain offers for Weber with this being his last contract year before he's an UFA? I still think that's a real longshot, and only if they retain Suter, and they will demand a king's ransom.....it would likely necessitate dealing JVR or Schenn, picks, and probably another forward or two.

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JVR and picks...well...I'm sure there isn't a person on this forum who wouldn't help JVR pack. And I still like his potential if healthy.

I'd guess it would take JVR, Bourdon/Gus, Carle's rights if we still have them, two 1s, and Voracek.

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It's hard to imagine that free agency is around the corner. If this goes down, it might happen sooner than we think. Best to all, Howard

Not sure it's Homer's style to make a blockbuster trade...


He's much more of a tactician (overall - he still has those wtf moves in there) waiting for the right deal at the opportune moment.

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I would imagine there is no major trade at work here. I'm sure homer called and asked about Suter/weber. Asking price prolly too high for weber and suter wants to stay or go to Detroit/ Chicago. Prolly looking at a Schenn + for jvr. Maybe swap of 1st rounders involved. I'm hoping homer sees more value in jvr then Schenn at this point to not trade straight up. Maybe looking for that guy from Florida on d as well. I see carle already signed and not made official till they can actually tag him once the cap of 70.3 is made official. To be completely honest here and only going by salary/cap restraints I don't see anything major. For instance here, the flyers have 9 million in space. Now if you remove the bonus from Schenn And from bob you increase that to 11 mil and remove Shelly your at 12 mil. Resigning the following players and will most Likely be NHL roster are carle,jagr and voracek at a combined 12 mil leaves them at nothing. Prolly dumping some players to the a and signing sestito will be a wash. So after all of that what do we need? I say we do need a top 2 dman. Or maybe two top 4 dman. Either way removing a dman for salary relief will short you in that spot and will need to find replacement. Kimmo might be into going to Detroit if they miss out on Suter and weber and parise and semin. But kimmo will not get us much at this point. Maybe a mid round pick at draft. I would have to say sign our players and use our ltir on Pronger or the space cleared by his buy out under the new cba to sign that guy from Florida and stand pat. Only way I trade jvr for Schenn is the above posted for swap of 1st rounders with the players.

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Lots of people are in a rush to trade JvR. Maybe he gets moved but I don't think it will be for Schenn. If they move him, they need to get a dynamic, multi dimensional defenseman in return. That is the organization's need but Schenn doesn't fit the bill.

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