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All-Star Ballot Ridiculous

Guest TedZep

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Sidney Crosby hasn't played a minute and he's on the ballot?

I know it is like this every year, with undeserving players on it and deserving players left off it, but at least they are actually playing!

(Bryzgalov is on the ballot? )

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I wonder what the actual effect the fan vote has. Do people who don't follow hockey actually care to vote and then watch the all star game of a sport they don't follow. Then are so enamored with the product that they then decide to pick a team and start following the sport? I can't stand the fan vote and the All Star game should be more of a show case of current talent. Have statistical criteria that is based off the current season with a specific cut off and if you are having an all star season up until that point, then you play in the all star game.

I know you could have plenty of players in there that are there as a fluke. Those guys could start off strong, make it to the all star game and then cool off, never to get hot again. But I like that much more than having players who aren't performing at an all star level in a given year yet are on the all star team the season they are playing poorly. At least for the guys that may or may not have it for the long haul, they put up the numbers. You get there on current production, not past merit.

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