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Brad Stuart's Rights Traded

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The Detroit Free Press reports that the Red Wings have traded Brad Stuart's rights to San Jose, where they have been returned with a conditional 2014 seventh round pick and forward Andrew Murray. The Sharks, or course, need to decide if they even want him, but Stuart's made no effort to keep quiet about his desire to play on the Left Coast, closer to his family.

The article also indicates that the Wings are unsure about re-signing Kyle Quincey. They have five blueliners under contract for the season, and are looking to make a big push for Ryan Suter. They may look elsewhere to stock up on another quality defenseman and utilize Brendan Smith as the two-way spare with their AHL-affiliate, Grand Rapids.

This is a good thing for the Wings. Stuart hasn't been playing as well as he was in 2008. Being separated from his growing family even longer will only hinder his performance even more, as the psychological toll deepens. The Wings have no interest in Andrew Murray and he'll certainly be used as trade bait for any potential deals they'll be after this summer. An additional draft pick can't hurt either. Still, the deal is contingent upon Stuart signing with the Sharks. The deal was initially brokered by Ken Holland as a favor to Stuart to get his foot in the door with the Sharks.

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Loved Stuarts game the first couple of years, then he quit hitting and playing the tough game he first brought to the team. We need Suter- period, as well as a forward or two. Quincey should be kept, we gave up our first rounder for him, he didnt show much this year but he only has one year left on his contract and if he plays poorly then it is bounce around at a mill a year or khl time.

So it all comes down to Suter. With him we have Suter, Kronwall, White, Ericsson, Kindl quincey and Brendan smith, a solid seven deep who can play with anyone. Would love to see the wings add Parise too, dont know if that is possible, but if not Parenteau and or Semin would be fine.

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