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@idahophilly - typically great article by Meltzer. And wow, I didn't know this:

"Incidentally, according to Jay Greenberg's Full Spectrum book, the Nordiques originally insisted on Rod Brind'Amour -- rather than the rights to prospect Forsberg -- being part of the Lindros package. They wanted Brind'Amour and Russian prospect Slava Butsayev and ultimately agreed to drop that demand if the Flyers would include both Mike Ricci and Forsberg."

Which means that the Flyers could have ended up with both Lindros and Forsberg? And of course Ricci. Wow, that trade just became significantly worse than I ever thought it was.

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@idahophilly Always great to have Brian's astute hockey mind break down a situation. He added a lot of background info that was really helpful in forming an opinion on the topic. If he's positive about the situation as a whole, who am I to have a different train of thought? Metzler equates to a hockey genuis in my mind, for that reason alone, colour me cautiously optimistic on the Bryz front.

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2 things in this article jumped out at me...

This...At times this past season, there were rumors around the team that Bryzgalov is not enamored of Reese's hands-on style as a goalie coach. It should be noted that, around the league and the Flyers organization, Reese is one considered one of the NHL's better goalie coaches.

Hockey people not affiliated with the Flyers have told me that if there is a problem between the two, it's not for lack of coaching ability on Reese's part. The player also has be willing to receive to some constructive criticism, take advice and then adapt the elements that are useful.

If they can work out a better relationship, maybe Bryz becomes more consistent. Of course, if he continues to resist coaching..who know where this leads.

And this..I'll conclude with this: The complaints about Bryzgalov's salary cap hit and contract length were largely muted in good times and then started up again at the first sign of trouble

Disagree 100000%...we all bitched about the length/term/and NMC clause from day one. It only got LOUDER when he struggled.

But I agree, that's a good read..as Meltzer usually is.

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He mostly sucked last year. Maybe next year he won't suck as badly. Everything is else excuses and background noise. Every player has "extenuating circumstances", good ones overcome their demons.

Correct! I was willing to "give him" a few weeks, 10, 20, even 25 games...to adjust to his new surroundings and his new team mates. Hell even 1/2 a season. But after 40-some games and you still can't move left-to-right faster than molasses - and you NEVER catch a shot you always flick it away without any control - and you rarely (if ever) pounce on and cover a loose puck at your feet...that tells me it ain't about "adjusting" to a new city or a new team, it's about You Sorta Suck at your job.

But - as Rad would point out - he didn't suck in every game; there were some good stretches. Coincidentally they happened when the TEAM picked up its defensive play and worked more as a 5-man unit in all 3 zones. So - I'll go with "cautiously optimistic" that Bryzgalov will have a better year. As FC said it can't get much worse...!

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Why do we have to cross our fingers every time this guy faces a shot? Bryzo is 31/32 years old,he'll end up with $ 51,000,000. He should be performing with the best in the league. He's a journeyman,there should really be no excuse for the way he played last season. I would like to also be optimistic,I hope to win the Powerball in the not to distant future.

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