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Curious to Know Thoughts on Flyers Schedule

Guest OH1FlyersFan

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Personally, I think it's going to be rough. We have one away trip of eight games (from Dec 21 through Jan 6, granted this is over Christman), two away trips of five games each (Nov 24 through Dec 4 and Feb 12 through Feb 20) and one away trip of four games (Mar 17 through Mar 24).

Our longest home stand is five games (Feb 21 through Mar 1) and then there is one home stand of four games followed by a couple of three game home stands. Forty one games at home, forty one games on the road, but the home stands are only a couple of games at a time. Luckily the five game home stand comes immediately after the five game road trip. And it will be nice to finish the season with three games at home.

I just wonder how this schedule will impact conditioning, fatigue and momentum. I think it's fortunate that the longest road trip comes at the end of the beginning of the season -- if I counted right, it's like 32 games in. That will be a crucial couple of weeks.


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The Flyers always have an extended road trip at Christmas; the Spectrum/Wach/FU Center whatever is booked for ice capades and similar events every year. It sucks for the player's families, but c'est la vie.

If all goes well, the Flyers will have 5 straight home games in the middle of April, although they have been a very good road team of late.

Opening against Boston for the second year in a row, I see.

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And then we have my hometown team - the Columbus Blue jackets. The League gives help where help is needed, I suppose. Great way to finish the season. From today's Cols Dispatch:

"The Blue Jackets will host the 2012-13 NHL All-Star Game on Jan. 27 in Nationwide Arena. At that point, they can store their larger luggage for a while. From Jan. 29 to March 22, the Blue Jackets will play 18 of 24 games in Nationwide. Four of the six road games are in the Eastern Time Zone, and the other two are in the Central Time Zone."

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