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Top 3 Worst Hockey Games You've Seen Live

Guest Digityman

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Again professional, amateur or other.

I have to think more but my first is easy

1) 5/2/2006 - Philly vs buffalo. Lost 7-1. Drove down in the morning and came back and worked the next day. 18 hours of driving in 24 hours to see the flyers give up.

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Mind boggling how lopsided that trade was. The 2001-02 Flyers were in no shape to make a cup run and Clarke traded so much away.

Well, to be fair to Clarke, he ended up not really giving up too much after all. Maxime Ouellet fell of the face of the Earth after that trade. The 2002 1st Rounder became Martin Vagner, the 2002 2nd Rounder became Maxime Daigneault and 2002 3rd Rounder became Derek Krestanovich.....

With that said, though, Clarke just got lucky that none of those players ended up being even remotely decent. But there was really no reason to sign Adam Oates, even though both Roenick and Promeau got injured. They could've rolled the dice. There was no prayer at the Cup that year for the Flyers. Clarke panicked, again.

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