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Good Read About No Trades

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We have lost our best dman, our second best dman is coming off back surgery and Mez is coming off back surgery. Patience will not help us at this point. If we can sign two good dman as UFA, then we can keep our forwards, if not then one good forward or more has to be traded for a good top dman. There is nothing wrong with trading a talented forward for an equally young and talented dman. The key is don't trade for another 35 year old like we did with Pronger. Webber, Suter and Yandle are in their mid 20s, so getting one of them is a better scenario than what we did in the Pronger trade. We have no top 3 dman anywhere in our system, only way to get one is by trading

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The Flyers finally have a decent group of young players and need to keep it going. They completed last season without Pronger,the Pens series was the best of the playoffs. This would be a good time for Coburn grow a set and become the defensive leader.

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I agree with a lot of what's said except points comparisons. You can't write in that these three players will produce the same as that one. The whole idea is that one guy scores 90 points alone, so imagine what he's done for his teammates as well? It's not like you get more guys on the ice for not having Parise or Nash. Should've stuck with patience, don't reads away the future and avoided the crap comparisons. Deflated his own point a little, and it's a good point. My Pens did it too with keeping a young core together to grow together. It works!

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