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Eklund is a tool

Guest RonJeremy

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This clown has posted so many rumors, I don't think one of them has come true yet. It shows you all he does is surf the net and look at all the other sites for gossip. Can you imagine a real NHL team employee leaking any real information, to some fat 50 year old loser who lives with his mother.I love when he quotes about his sources...yeah right

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I agree, why do people still pay attention to this clown when all he does is throw crap at a wall and hope something sticks? Furthermore he is an insult to Pelle Eklund who hit the mark many more times this this guy.

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I saw that and was cracking up over it!

he posted on twitter today he's gonna start blocking people who knock his lies uuu i mean rumors except for dreger who he respects. (BROWN_NOSER)
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The peeps that post in his comment section of his main blogs are ****** asses also. The armchair GMs that they are, you guys should read the trade ideas that these people are posting for the Flyers. The Flyers will trade Voracek, Mezaraos, 1st rder, 2 2nd rders and prospects for Ryan and a conditional pick in the 2013 draft. Another person said Ryan for Coots and a 1st rd pick... Really??? WTF!?!?!? Sorry if I offended anyone that posts comments there but I mean damn, really people scare me sometimes, don't know how the **** they find there way home at night.... One guy said if Pronger comes back they can do w/e the **** I forget what he said.... One was a Detroit fan, a Flyers fan, and a Toronto fan.....

Edit: Maybe they were joking?

The topic title should read

Wow not only is Eklund on hockeybuzz an ass but... not nut...

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