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Minnesota signs Parise & Suter. Per Lebrun

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Thank you Homer for NOT signing either of them. Both good players...neither worth those contracts.

At one time last year i remember i think right before Christmas the where the best team in the whole NHL.

But injuries to key players Koivu and few others and they where derailed and just couldn't recover in time....

...these moves i believe have to have the as favorites to win it all now, great move for Minny and glad the Flyers didn't sign them...

...would handcuff them in the future...wonder what plan B for Homer is...no way in HELL do i give Carle more money than Coburn...but i would resign him for around the same.

If he wants more let him walk.

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Both signed until they're 41.

I dunno, how is that not cap circumvention? I said it last year with the Kovy signing, same with Luongo, same with Pronger... while it's within the realm of possibility that both these players will play into their 40s, there were about 5 guys last year out of 700+ that were over 40.

To me, that is clear circumvention when less than half of 1% of your players would actually finish out that contract.

And Minny gave Parise a FULL NMC!!!! Wow, glad he did not pick Philly.

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You know Minny is going to be a marked team next season both because they got 2 high paid guys and also because Suter and Parise took a lot of time fielding offers until they signed while dismissing a lot of teams.

While I don't mind them taking their time to make a decision for the next 13 years of their life apparently, these other teams might.

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Freudian slip with the thread title? Just switch the "r" and the "a" in "Parise" and you get "Praise". Yes, I think they are singing that in Minnesota right now.

The Praise goes to Leipold and Fletcher. For what it is worth, both Parise and Suter were offered more money and chose to team up together. It is a great day for fans of the Minnesota Wild

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I hope the team in Minnesota starts winning, if there is a state more crazy about hockey, I can't name it. This is a good start but now the wild will sneak up on no one. Gotta talk the mgmt into wearing the green and cream alternate jerseys full time

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some fan reaction on twitter:

Here are some notes and quotes compiled from around the web this afternoon in regard to Ryan Suter and Zach Parise, both Red Wings free-agent targets, signing with the Minnesota Wild:

"Can I come back and play in Minnesota too?" --Mike Modano, former Red Wing and Minnesota North Star (before the team moved to Dallas),

on Twitter.

"WE GOT 'EM!" --Minnesota Wild's

Twitter account.

"Every kid growing up in Minnesota would love to play with the Wild. That's the way it is." --

Zach Parise.

"I got a phone call from (Wild forward) Dany Heatley. He said he really wanted me to come and he expressed how great an organization it is." --

Ryan Suter.

"Personally, I'm very disappointed, but I'm a realist. We were down to the short strokes. (Suter's) wife is from Minny, grandparents are nearby. We lost out to

family. Can't beat family." --Red Wings GM Ken Holland.

"The only thing I said is, 'Zach, it's not about tomorrow or today. You've got to look at the big picture here. How will (the Wild) be in a year or two? Will they keep progressing and getting better so that they have a chance to challenge for the (Stanley) Cup?' So Zach did all kinds of research on that and was very, very satisfied with the status of the Wild's organization, the prospects and all that. He's looking at the big picture." --J.P. Parise,

Zach's father.

"It was a very stressful time Monday night and Tuesday morning. We felt the deal was there to be had, but dealing with different people in different organizations. That's when they got together. They wrote their deal. They told both sides, 'This is it -- would Minnesota do it?' We said, 'We're in. We're fine with that.' " --

Wild owner Craig Leipold.

"Mostly, they just wanted to win. They asked about the guys on our team, and I told them we have a good core, good goaltending. Now that we get them, it's just a matter of starting the season right." --

Wild forward Dany Heatley.

"I was ecstatic. It's pretty exciting when you get one guy of that caliber. To get two is pretty unheard of. Strictly from the standpoint of a Minnesotan, it's unbelievable." --Wild forward Matt Cullen.

"Zach told me this: If it wasn't for going home to Minnesota, he'd be coming to New Jersey." --Devils general manager Lou Lamoriello.

"It would be an understatement to say that the Nashville Predators are disappointed at this time (after losing Suter). ... Actually, not disappointed, but very surprised." --Predators general manager David Poile.

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Thank effing god. 7.5m per player for the rest of their playing lives. A third to last -49 gf / ga differential will not change on that team with an added 14.5m additional cap hit.

I think Parise made a good choice. He could not go to another East coast team- I respect that. As far as Suter goes- who gives a f u c k?

Now the problem is the Flyers need a 1-2 RW. I can't see Voracek on the top line (well I could).

At the end of the day, I am very happy. I would have never paid Jagr more than 3.5 (despite his market value). I would have been sick to pay EITHER (suter or parise) of those guys 7.5 m. What I am REALLY happy about is that Minn is in the Western Conference. Not that I think that Minnesotta will be a monster team, but more because I would want the Flyers to run Suter every chance they got.

We also win because Pitts did not get Parise.

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