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We have to be aggressive

Guest yave1964

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A look at the Wings offseason and what to do from here.....

1. Lidstrom, one of the three greatest d-men in the history of the game retired leaving the Wings scrambling, made them intent on signing Suter at all cost. Instead he signs with the Wild.

2. Stuart needing/wanting to be closer to his kids is traded to the Sharks, leaving the defensive core down two of of top four.

3. Samuelson signs to replace Hudler, who goes to the flames. Samuelson when healthy can play the point, is more responsible defensively and plays an all around better game.

4. Tootoo is signed to replace Holmstrom, a gut wrenching but utterly correct thing to do.

5. Spare parts Conner and Murray are allowed to leave and sign elsewhere.

6. Gustafsson signs to be Howards backup and reclaim his career, Joey Mac getting stuck again with Grand rapids, Ty conklin mercifully fo him and us moving on.

What to do from here?

The wings as currently set up have twelve forwards of nhl caliber not counting the kids, Nyquist, Tatar Andersson and Mursak. I think we need to sign Semin, freeing up a body or two to give to Calgary for Jay Bowmeester. We also need to sign a boring stay at home d-man to replace Stuart, a Lepisto,Kubina type. Not a sexy signing but a guy who can play safe minutes.

In all likelyhood, Bouwmeester will cost us Filpulla. Signing Semin offsets this. Painful loss, been frustratingly fun watching Val grow up, he seems to have found his stride and is an overpayment for Bouwmeester but with no d-men left Calgary can demand a solid top six forward for him. Odviously Yandle would be a sexier pickup but like Suter I dont see it happening.

So that leaves us with.....

Semin Datsyuk Bertuzzi

Franzen Z Samuelsson

Cleary Helm Nyquist

Tootoo Abdelkader Miller

Eaves, Emmerton and a fair amount of talented kids

Defense would look like

Kronwall Bouwmeester

Kubina White

Ericsson Kindl

Quincy Smith

Is this a playoff team? Hard to say. Health and luck will play a big factor. I see the hundred point streak coming to an end. I dont see a stanley cup in this group, and for the second year in a row we lost out on the big free agents even though we had money and the winged wheel. Last year we signed White after missing out on Jovanoski and wizniewski, This year we wiffed on Parise, Suter, Parenteau and most of the rest, this is likely the year we stare down the end unless a miracle occurs.

Oh, and the Weber watch is on. Only 359 days until free agency 2013.

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@yave1964 Good plan, Yave. Nice setup!

In my humble opinion, though, I wouldn't go after Semin. If you're at all concerned about Valtteri Filppula's performance, signing Alexander Semin will not remedy that. Semin, if anything, is just as unpredictable as FIlppula, only much more expensive, plus the learning curve that will be required for Semin to learn to play the Wings' style. I am of the firm belief that if your drafted and given a home in an organization, it's best that you be kept in that organization if you show promise. I've always seen Filppula as a Red Wing "lifer" and I can't imagine him playing elsewhere.

I know the rest of you would have my head for this but I say sign Carlo Coliacovo. Yes he's injury prone, but he's a good puck-moving defensemen. I don't think our defense is set up to be super competitive as it is, so Coliacovo would only be an improvement, even for the 30 or so games he would play while not in the hospital.

I'm also not closing the door on Rick Nash just yet. I know he comes with a high price, but I'd like to see just what that price is (this week). It might sting a little in getting him to Detroit, but I think the dividends would more than pay for themselves. Imagine a player as good as Rick Nash is, with a much rejuvenated attitude and enthusiasm because he's playing with a successful team. I dare say, the man could hit the 50 goal mark.

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Lets say we have a chance at Nash, nobody is talking about the cost. The jackets are wanting a top six forward and a top four d-man plus a first rounder minimum, would anyone be willing to part with Brendan Smith, Valterri Filpulla and a number one? At the start of last year I would have jumped on it, but Val has shown great signs of developing, and with the retirement of the perfect human and Stuart moving on, we likely cannot afford to make a move like this. Supposedly the Sharks offered Pavelski, Clowe and Demers as well as a first and were turned down by Howson, I dont know what more anyone will offer than that.

As far as Colaiocovo, he would be fine, with the additional benefit of hurting a division rival, kind of like Tootoo. If he were to sign with the Wings, I would like to see.....

Kronwall White

Colaiocovo Quincey

Ericsson Kindl

Brendan Smith

Smith to me is the wild card. I see him as capable of winning the Calder, a fourty point, 100 PIM season should be very regular, an agressiveness with the puck and sand paper and grit in his own zone.

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No. I think we wait until better opportunities are available. Yes, it means this season may not be up to the normal standard. Yes, it means we may not continue our playoff streak. But I'd rather play smart rather than gut the franchise's future for 1 player.

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