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Kenny Holland For a Day

Guest WingNut722

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So, let's pretend you're Ken Holland and you're interested in a trade for Rick Nash. You're jaded because you lost out on the Suter/Parise sweepstakes and you're looking to make a big splash before the season starts. You've just lost two of your top four defensemen, and have made a couple signings on the offensive side, along with a nifty backup goaltender. You're looking to put together a team that will do better than they did last year. A Western Conference Quarterfinals exit will be considered a failure. Consider your current roster, draft schedule, prospects, and the impact a key forward like Rick Nash would do to your upcoming salary cap and your image to the rest of the league. Assume only known, signed contracts (i.e. Tomas Holmstrom is a free agent, not a Red Wing; also assume Kyle Quincey is on the team for the same salary he made last year) and the known salary cap requirements.

Put on your GM hat and come up with an offer for Scott Howson.

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Well, I hear Howson wants forwards who can step in right now, I think it would cost Filpulla and Helm plus a number one at the least. It leaves you short a forward, so you bring Holmstrom back for this year. It gives you lines of....

Nash Datsyuk Bertuzzi

Franzen Z Samuelson

Cleary Nyquist Holmstrom

Tootoo Abdelkader Miller

Eaves and Emmerton in reserve

Still short of defense, if the Flames would consider a package out of Andersson, Tatar, or Mursak for Bouwmeester we are retooled.

There Thats about it.

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@yave1964 I dunno, Filpulla and Helm plus a first rounder for Rick Nash.....not enough in my estimation. Gotta give to get, I'd say Franzen, Filpulla, 2 first rounders *might* do it.

If I'm Holland, I'd make Murask an untouchable....he's the future in net.

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