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former draft pick charged with murder...


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I remember the story of the murder, but I didn't realize at the time that he was a Flyers pick. The story says that he acted "in a state of diminished sanity." Yeah, I'd say stabbing someone 14 times would qualify as diminished sanity... at the very least. I realize no one really likes refs, but geez...

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@PuckMeister: Eh, there were non-calls both ways, for sure. That being said, I'd say the Flyers power play did its fair share of damage during that series. I don't think it needed much help...

Yeah no kidding. Giroux was still high in the points list when it was all done.

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I thought they should have brought him up during the 2009 playoff series vs. the Pens. Those referees were awful. It's one thing to be intimidated by Bettman into throwing the series, quite another to be threatened to call an even game by an actual murderer.

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