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Time to Put Sean Avery Out of His Misery

Guest Irishjim

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There is nothing like a good old Sean Avery debate to get New York Rangers fans going.

As we know, Sean is currently the odd-man out of the lineup as of Sunday night, when he was deemed a healthy scratch so that Erik Christensen could re-enter the lineup against the Florida Panthers. Prior to that game, Avery was receiving less than four minutes of ice time from head coach John Tortorella every night, and we quickly saw his role on the team, which was growing at one point, diminish back to nothing.

Once again, despite Avery having an early impact on the club upon being recalled over a month ago, he was eventually demoted until the coach scratched him. This should sound familiar because it is the same series of events that has gone on since Tortorella took over as coach in 2009. There's always been a battle of egos between those two, and obviously the coach is always going to win since he has the final say over the player

Personally, I'm sick of seeing it at this point. It's become nothing but an unnecessary side-show that everyone always gets caught up in and it's just not healthy for the hockey club. I love Avery to death and I think he is a very impactful player when given the opportunity, but unfortunately that opportunity will never come as a New York Ranger with Tortorella behind the bench.

There's going to be people that argue me on this point, and that is absolutely fine. In fact, I respect that. But no one can make the case that Avery didn't have a positive impact on the team after being recalled, until the coach started to significantly decrease his minutes. I think this time around, more than ever, it was the most obvious what was going on. Many people saw the healthy scratch coming before the coach even announced it - that's how blatant the situation was.

I think it's about time that Sean Avery is put out of his misery and his saga with John Tortorella is put to an end. The fans want Avery to win this battle, but we know that the coach is not going to budge, so there's no use in continuing to fight for Sean; it's a hopeless cause.

Whether he is waived and assigned to the Connecticut Whale of the AHL or sent to another team (who would want him?), Sean Avery needs to leave the Rangers, for his own good and the good of the team.

And just to be clear, I want Avery on this team and I want him to get a fair chance in New York. But I am also a realist and I know that that's not going to happen.

Posted by Nick Montemagno at 07:00 AM in

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Jim, I have to tell you that when I started to read that, I thought YOU had written it and were saying you missed Avery. My initial thought was, he has lost his freakin' marbles!! Sean Avery is a cancer to whichever team he has been on. I would not want him on any team I rooted for. There is a reason he quickly becomes a healthy scratch when he returns to the line up. It is directly linked to his douche bagginess. I am trying to remember who it was on the PTPITN site that was related to Steve Valiquette. In talking with Valiquette, his decision to re-sign with the Rangers was based on Avery being gone from there. Not even his fellow players like him. The guy's nick name should be Snap On....he is the biggest tool on the ice that I know.......

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Flyercanuck, did your nephew relate any particular anecdotes to you about Avery? Did he talk down to his teammates or something? I'm sure he's a douche in person just as he is on the ice to opponents. That being said, I would think a team who wants to raise fans could bring in Avery as a sort of "gimmick", like the Bluejackets.

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I'd rather not get into details, but Steve didn't agree with Avery's style of play and Avery took Steves comments (which were TO Avery) personal and tried to embarass him in front of the media. And he wasn't the only person who commented on his poor sportsmanship and had Avery go public against him..

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