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Doug Wilson a Ottawa 67's and a Blackhawk

Lori Larman

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I would like to share some things I knew growing up. Please read it and in joy it as much as I have.

Doug Wilson was born July 5, 1957 in Ottawa Canada.

He started his 17 year hockey career with the Ottawa 67's. It's a city and a team surrounded in

anything hockey. When he became an 67's he knew, he would have the best chance to learn

hockey as a young player. He knew the hard work and the ice time would be there for him to

develop with.

And develop he did. The skating speed, body contact, and a slap shot. He became a two way

playing deference-men. As a result off this development in his junior skating. There is 105

junior games, within these games you have 51-goals, and 116 assists. Best of all there was 167

points. There was an all star deference-men in juniors. He had 9-goals, 30-assists, in 31 games

in the playoffs.

to be continued

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Last night I was tired posted it to the wrong place..will try again.

Doug was a defense men with a slight build. With such a slight build he had a great skating

ability. He loved having a lot of body contact. Also the worked at clearing the net so the goal

could be scored. Worked hard and loved doing it all.

Soundness in the defensive zone play and again loved the body contact. Great knack

in the offensive zone in front of the net. These abilities gave him 40 point 11 times. Most

goals scored by a defense men with 39 and the most point with 85.

As a young player your first roommate was Stan Milkito (check spelling of names).

Then you have teammates the likes of Bobby Orr, Keith Magnisons.

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Here is the third part of my blog.

Then in 1991 Doug made the choice to wave the no trade clause to make his move to another

team. The team he chose was the San Jose Sharks. To the Sharks he brought a hard working

defense men with great skills. That the new team could build on. All his hard work was rewarded

with being made the teams first captain. To guide such players as Kelly Kesios, Rob Zettler, and

Jeff Odgers. The challenges were many for a young team but that is what he needed and wanted in

Then in 1993 Doug retired from active play leaving with 237-goals, 590-assist, 827-points, and

1,024 regular season games. In the playoff games there were 80-points in 95 postseason games.

Here are a few things I found interesting about Doug Wilson. Three time post season all-star games. Seven time in the NHL all-star game. A Canadian Cup and Rendez Vous, 1984 Canada

Cup. Played on the best line in hockey the K.L.M. Then he went on to be the President of the Players

Association. Also formed the NHL Alumni Association.

After a couple of years away he came back to the Sharks as Director of Player Development. He

took care of contracts, offer sheets and all of the out of country scouts. Then he became the GM that is today.

A legend is someone who is loyal, and put a lot of hard work into something he likes. Even tho he doesn't have a Stanley Cup. Is Doug Wilson a legend in hockey?

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@Lori Larman

Interesting, thanks for the story. I myself am not that familiar with Wilson's past. What team did Wilson play for before he was chose the Sharks as a free agent? I take it Wilson isn't in the Hall of Fame, or is he?

One thing I like about the Sharks is that they are a team that is always competitive each year in the quest for the Stanley Cup.

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Hi hf101, the post dated Jul 21,2012. Doug Wilson was drafted in 1977 by the Chicago Blackhawks. He played there for 14

seasons. Not in the hall yet. Still hard working as the GM of the Sharks.

If you have anymore questions. Send me a PM.

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