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Top 10 reasons I love the WEBER signing...

Guest rickmac19

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1. Shows everyone that the Flyers will not rest until they become the best.

2. Locks up a potential Hall of Famer in the years he makes a case for the Hall, not years after he did all the heavy lifting (leave Paul Coffey out of this!).

2b. Teams need Hall of Famers to win Stanley Cups.

3. Assures the Flyers that Weber will play for (not 28 other, but) one of two teams: the Flyers or the Predators.

4. Uses the Flyers’ wealth in their favor: instead of having a small-market team hamstring them by waving the “cap” in their face, broke free by offering a huge signing bonus/up-front sum.

5. Created the anti-Doan deal by not bidding against themselves (by financing the NHL to bid for Doan with some of the Flyers’ own money).

6. Created a way to keep Couturier and Brayden Schenn, two players whom I believe will develop into stars.

7. Kept Weber out of the Eastern Conference.

8. Forced Poile and the Predators’ hand (how long would this thing drag out, anyway?).

9. With Pronger gone, replaced the hole any loss of Timonen (injury/retirement/not re-signed) creates next year.

10. Got the guy to sign the deal—Shea Weber just signed a deal to play for the Philadelphia Flyers. He might not, but at least he agreed that he would like to wear Orange and Black if things work out. Yeah!

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Can't disagree with anyone of your points. I have actually been against going after Weber. But that was based on a trade and giving up huge playable NHL assets and if it's just draft spots then I'll go all in. Atleast he won't be going to a rival....

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re #6 - don't be so sure of that. a trade is even more of a likelihood now. who does homer give up? i hope those guys are untouchable, but a trade being worked out is still a possibility.

otherwise, all of your points are good ones. i think this just proves homer's one of the best in the game right now. sure he's had missteps, but this move is just genius.

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