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Seriously, how am I supposed to get any work done after this news?


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I had an important project to finish today, people. Now it's getting shoved back to Friday. And we all know how Fridays go, with the three hour drinking lunches and then the 4 o'clock happy hour.

absoluteluty no consideration fpr the working man, sheesh.

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tell your bosses your under the weber and leave

Oh, it looks like I'm still working so I get paid. I have a look of concentration on my face, typing frantically and occasionally flip the plans back and forth without really looking at them. But getting the project out was my self imposed deadline so I could pretend to work tomorrow. We are results based and short, hard hours are worth just as much as long, soft hours, provided the work gets done.

One guy, a Caps fan (I work in No. VA) came up and said "So you lost Suter and now going after Weber, huh?" Damn him for spilling the beans...

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I actually wasn't paying attention to sports news the past few days. I had a Bruins fan I work with come up and ask me about the Weber deal. I've been useless ever since.

OK, so that's a lie. I was useless before that, really.

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