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New captain Poll...

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  1. 1. Who is going to be Captain?

    • Pronger (read he might not be out of the picture as much as we thought)
    • Giroux
    • Weber
    • Talbot
    • Timmo
    • Briere
    • Bobby Clark

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Not so sure if Timo gets it. He is obviously more than capable but on the last year of his contract and other guys who also have leadership experience signed beyond the next year I think one of them will get it.

Giroux obviously is the face of the franchise and will hopefully be a force for the foreseable future but that doesn't necessary warrant a C

IF the Weber offer goes through; he has leadership but will be the "New guy" and may warrant Timo getting the C for the year and then Weber next year.

So to answer you question, nobody will know jack until the roster is finalized :)

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I don't care what anybody says, giving the C to Weber is a slap in the face to the conditioned (read comfortable with Philly and the media) players currently on the team. Weber can grow into his position. The C can either go to Kimmo or Briere, the more tenured players, with one of those two and Roo getting the A. If that doesn't happen then the same three A's as last year.

And for crying out loud....keep Voracek.

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I was thinking G but voted Briere. He seems to work well with the younger players. G is probably capable now but I'd rather wait another year or two.

Very good point. Considering how young the team is offensively and his ability to connect (or even invite them to live with him and his kids) with them I think he would be a good choice. He has 3 years left on his contract and can help groom some of the younger guys into the role or allow Weber (again granted if this goes through) to become seasoned with the Philly scene. I love Pronger in the O&B as captain but the offer sheet to Weber is an indicator that his playing days are done. Not sure what it means to the player but I feel it would be beneficial to have a captain on the ice.

Just be thankful we have so many options of veteran leadership with such a young group of players.

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It's summer. Not much else to talk about. Beats having a 27th Weber thread....ok, ties it.

well I for one would like to revisit how awesome the WFC's ice is!

I did feel bad about being judgmental, it isn't my place to decide what people care about. I actually approach the subject from a different point of view but didn't articulate it. I don't care because I don't want it to hold much weight. It really seems the captaincy is jinxed and therefor let's not worry about it for now. Just get the players in, get the systems worked out and win a freaking cup, screw who wears the C.

but that's just me. well, not JUST me but you know what I mean.

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