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Flyers offseason/inseason Cap Situation

Guest AJgoal

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Most of this is reposted from the Weber offer sheet thread, but I figured I'd throw it up in its own thread and adjust it to reflect current cap standings. Assuming I can edit the original post, I will make changes to the numbers as contracts are signed and players are acquired or traded.

The Flyers are allowed to exceed the cap by 10% during the summer, for an offseason cap of 77.22 Million. The Flyers are currently at 66,643,373 With the following signed:






Pronger (4.9 million, assuming will be LTIR)/Timonen


Meszaros (4 million, LTIR)/Schenn


Bartulis buyout: 100,000

Now, you also have to include all players with one-way contracts at their full cap hit, and all players with two way contracts at a proration of the hit based on the number of games played for the big club the previous year when calculating the off-season cap number:

Walker: 1.7 million

Bourdon: 336,128 / 612,500 NHL Salary

Gustafsson: 329,268 / 900,00 NHL Salary

Zolnierczyk 281,707 / 600,000

Manning:43,902 / 900,000

Homstrom: 45,731 / 550,000

Sestito: 40,243 / 660,000

Offseason cap number: 69,421,102. This will be adjusted once two way contracts are cleared and players are waived to the AHL, and two way players are added to the big club.

The Flyers can also get cap relief by putting Pronger and Meszaros on LTIR at the start of the season. This works by subtracting the Flyers available cap space from the player's cap hit on the day he is placed on LTIR. the Flyers will then get the remainder in an overage allowance. For example, if the Flyers have 2 million in cap space when Pronger is placed on LTIR, they will only be permitted to exceed the cap by 2.9 million dollars, NOT his entire cap hit. If they have 5 million in cap space, they get no relief. If they are right at the cap they will get his whole cap hit in overage allowance. The Flyers would likely wait until they are right up against the cap to put either player on LTIR.

For those wondering about how the cap space situation works out, the Flyers have a bit more than 7.5 million they can add in contracts to the offseason cap. Once the season rolls around, that drops to a bit more than 3.55 million. However, if you assume they will place Pronger or Meszaros on LTIR, that usable cap space climbs again.

Each day the Flyers will "bank" $19,189 in cap space if they don't add or subtract any salary during the season.

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Well, come the regular season Walker will be back with the Phantoms. Lilja counts wherever he plays, so they might as well keep him up. Gervais could be waived to Aidirondack come the start of the season.

I forgot Walker was younger, so his actual money due is more than his cap hit. Kills my hope that he's traded to a cap-floor team.

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