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Nhl Officiating

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How did Bradley not get an instigator for the fight with Z R? he clearly had his glove off way in advance.

How did whoever the heck it was not get anything for knocking Talbot's teeth out? I'm not sure if he really lost teeth or not but if that isn't the definition of "players need to keep control of their stick" I don't know what is. In the mean time Talbot got called for 4 and the guy was barely bleeding.

I'll take the win but inconsistent officiating is driving me nuts.

And no, I'm not trumpeting the "wah wah wah, the refs are out for my Flyers". The examples I brought up are legit and should've been called different, no matter what teams were playing. And okay, in case people think I can't see things both ways, I know Lilja got away with a pull down along the boards when he was falling and grabbed the Jersey of a Panther from behind and drug him down with no call. My take? Call that **** then. Jesus, call penalties that are penalties and leave penalties that aren't alone. I'm tired of seeing guys get called because they have a rep. And I'd really like to see the NHL implement some sort of system where if the ref that is further away from the action calls a penalty, he has to confer with the ref that is the closest first to determine if he saw what he thought he saw. The ref could either say "nope, it was a good play" or "you know, I didn't get a good look at it, let's go with your call"... you know what? as I type that, I don't like that either. The fact that these guys can make "judgement call" penalties is just as bad.

Okay, done ranting.

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