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Weber not the make or break


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While Weber would have solified things for the next 14 yrs, i look at New Jersey's dominance over us as the bigger hurdle. And yes, weber would have helped there too, but unless he played 60 min the result would have been the same.

The flyers young forwards just weren't prepared to play a defensive game after that goal happy pitt series. This fault falls on the coaching and implementation of what 'defensive' scheme lavy instituted (or didnt)

New Jersey held all momentum and puck pocession. We couldnt break out of our end for how many games? Look at what LA did in the final...

The whole 5 man unit play has to improve. I would be willing to sacrifice some offense to be a more sound game. There has to be a strategy somewhere between Hitchcock and Lavys systems.

So, not having given up the core of solid young prospects (both current roster and non roster players) in pursuit of Weber will help us down the road, hopefully.


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I'd like to see the Flyers revert to the "wait for the other team to make a mistake" kinda strategy. It's boring, not fun for the fans, but could give us the best chance of winning. Problem is, we don't have the personnel to carry that out. We are probably better with some type of hybrid run and gun that takes care of the defensive zone a little better. As we found out the hard way in last years playoffs, the true run and gun is stifled when there is less room at the blueline to maneuver/enter the zone.

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