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UPDATED: Schenn has setback? Misses practice, Lavi not at liberty to say why

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Good news - says concussion symptoms have pretty much disappeared

MONTREAL -- This time, Brayden Schenn wasn’t wearing the standard issue Flyer yellow “no contact” jersey.

Instead, he was donning a regular, dress white jersey, taking part in the full practice with teammates for the first time since Dec. 3 – the last time he played a game.

Schenn, who had missed five games with a concussion, said he’s making progress and feeling better, but still has relapses, which suggests he is not fully healthy.

“There was no set contact drills today so I could wear the normal jersey,” Schenn cautioned. “I felt pretty good.”

He said he skated high-tempo for about 30 minutes on Tuesday and didn’t feel very good. Then again, he had not been on the ice for 10 previous days, so that had to be expected.

Wednesday’s practice was lengthy. Schenn didn’t go the full distance, but he came close to Monday’s time on ice.

He also said his concussion symptoms have “pretty much disappeared.”

“The test is exercise and if [symptoms] come back, you have to take a step back,” he said.

“You hope to keep progressing. When I’m out there I feel good. I can’t really tell until later when I’m laying in bed.”

Meanwhile, Schenn’s left foot, which he fractured back in late October, is still in a walking boot when he is in street clothes.

Tim P
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The Flyers did get some good news yesterday about one of their concussed players, as Brayden Schenn returned to practice for the first time in 8 days.

Schenn took part in the Flyers' 45-minute skate at the Bell Centre in Montreal. Schenn did not wear a yellow, "non-contact" jersey but coach Peter Laviolette said there were restrictions on his activity. There was no physical contact in drills yesterday, anyway.

"Before, there was a lot of fogginess when I tried to skate," Schenn explained. "That's when I decided to take a step back and realize something is wrong. Now, I'm going to stay patient and keep a close eye on it and make sure it gets better.

"Some days are better than others. The key is to get a ton of rest. Now that I'm getting back into the swing of things, it's even more important to get rest."

The concussion is Schenn's third injury since training camp. Schenn, 20, is probably a long-shot to return to the lineup tonight against the Canadiens but he could play as soon as this weekend against Boston or Monday in Colorado. He is still looking for his first NHL goal.

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Would be great if Schenn can come back soon. Been dying to see what he can do, it's hard to get going when you keep getting injured. Would love to see how he does on the top line while G is out.

Yes, I want a line with Schenn with Jagr and Hartnell. Let's see what he can do if/when healthy.

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nothing on the web that I can find about a "setback" yet - guess FG you're getting that from a tweet someone posted?

At any rate I wouldn't be in any hurry to give him top line minutes. Let Giroux take his time and if it's a month, or whatever, then that's what it is. Sean seems to be fitting right in between Harts and Jagr so I wouldn't change that line unless I was forced to. Briere and Simmonds have started clicking, Voracek and Talbot are both finding room out there...Harry Z looked good at center and at wing, Matt Read is having a Calder Trophy type season so far...

I don't know where Schenn fits right now. Naturally we want to play him but his luck has been bad and he may have to wait his turn for awhile.

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Hmm...sounds mighty strange ...

This season is really turning into some fkng drama all around. Right after Boston swept us out of the POs the Flyers started going through some really unexpected things - the big trades, signing Jagr of all people (and then him working out so well), Pronger coming back healthy to start and then the freak stick-to-the-eye-which-is-now-a-career-ending (probably) injury, the great play of all of our rookies...

A lot of the strangeness has been so good but these head injuries are getting ridiculous.

Now Matt Read is out with a concussion? Did I read that right? It's been posted here but all I can find is Homer saying Read's upper body injury in November was actually a concussion. Apparently Homer waited till today to disclose that bit of news...

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