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Trade with Buffalo Anyone?

Guest idahophilly

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I saw this article over on HockeyBuzz from a Sabres writer and it might make sense (and keeps Suban out of Philly)... and I said MIGHT make sense for both parties... With the rumor that Briere wants to be closer to his kids maybe this works... I don't know. Why the heck did mez have to get hurt???!!!

What do you guys think anyway?

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Ahhh, didn't check that. Was in a rush this morning... Here is the link for what it's worth. I had heard that Briere's wife was moving back up north and that was throwing a kink into Briere's time with the kids... Forget where I heard that but it was on this forum somewhere as I recall about 2-3 weeks ago... Going to the Sabres would put him and his wife close to each other to "share" the kids as they do now... And, no, I'm not trying to get rid of Briere. I prefer to keep him and as I have said before would just wait until December when the season starts to see what happens!!!


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There's no question that a plausible argument could be made.

Which is really all that is needed for rampant speculation on a blog post. (I actually do like Garth).

Also, importantly, there is no mention of Briere or his children or family in the linked article. This is the relevant "explainer" from Garth:

Before you scoff at the idea of Briere returning to Buffalo, hold that thought. Danny was content to stay in Buffalo, however, when the NHL arbitrator awarded him the $5 million one year ruling in 2006, the Golisano era Sabres were not going to pay Briere $5+ million on a long term deal. The Golisano-led Sabres were a middle of the pack, revenue sharing team, with tight budget constraints. Its the polar 180 opposite paradigm for the Pegula owned Sabres.

Danny Briere at the start of this contract is a much different animal. Again, he has strong reasons for wanting to be a part of the Flyers and this organization. I do think he'd "take one for the team" if push came to shove, but I don't concur with Garth that the Flyers are "desperate" for D help immediately. I find this statement colored in blue and gold glasses:

The Flyers DESPERATELY need D help. They need two top four D, in a hurry.

I think they "need" one - by the end of the season. We'll see what further injury brings.

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