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Cap Reduction or A Real Salary Roll back?

Guest idahophilly

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I have this question? If you sign a contract, a legal bonding contract, can the owners just say opps, we're rollin' it back 10-20%??? I worked for a company that made management take a 10% paycut but their wasn't a contract involved.

Would these contracts still have to be paid out in full despite the salary cap being reduced (meaning the owners pay out the difference in a kind of bonus while future contracts not yet negotiated would fall under whatever the new rules are?)... How can they just say the hell with all these contracts?

And if this isn't the case, then why is there such a rush by players to sign the big and long term contracts? I keep hearing the players and in some cases the teams want to lock up the length/money of the deal. Thats all OK but then under a new CBA why would one part of a contract (money) be rolled back but not the other (length)???

Anyone got the answers?

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