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Believe it or not

Guest Canadian Sabres

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If any of you have a twitter account you may or may not follow an annomoys user by the name of hockey insider who claims to have many sources giving him details on transactions going around the nhl.

It has lead to people to calling him fraud and he is just merely speculating only he knows for sure if he is legit or not..

In the latest installment of his rumor round ups he stated a few days ago that the Sabres and the Blackhawks have rengaged in talks of a Ryan Miller for Patrik Kane deal and added 2 other pieces maybe in play included were Drew Stafford and Corey Crawford and some picks...

It played out like this:

Hockeyy Insiderr@HockeyyInsiderr

Just got confirmation from a 3rd source that talks regarding "a trade centered around Miller and Kane" are 100% back on! #Sabres #Blackhawks

The trade being discussed however involves many other players. Deal not close, but some progress being made this week. #Sabres #Blackhawks

As of right now, names on #Blackhawks side being discussed are Kane and Crawford; on #Sabres side Miller and Stafford. Picks involved also.

My source was unaware who had the proposal, but could confirm the names involved. Negotiations will continue. #Sabres #Blackhawks

Both #Blackhawks and #Sabres are working on more than 1 front at this moment. Both teams trying to improve via trade & working the phones.

He also had a snippit of the Sabres being in talks with Edmonton

The #Sabres on the other hand maintain contact with #Oilers re Gagner. Very interested in landing him if the price isn't too high.

First of all I dont think Miller for Kane can be back on because Miller would have to of been asked to waive his NTC to go there and we all know Miller have established he would die by the blade before ever leaving Buffalo...

as for Gagner I can see it happening, its not TOO farfetched of an idea .. we all know Edmonton needs D so probably a Sekera or Leopold for Gagner?

SO wether you choose to believe this annonomys twitter user or not you cant help but wonder...

WHat if this does acctually happen???

Do we even like the idea of Miller and Stafford being shipped outta town?

What would be a fair price for Gagner?

In some fairytale world this was to actually happen and Darcy makes these deals happen with the players in question and (enter name here) for Gagner .. What grade would you give Darcy this offseason and where do you think this remodled Buffalo Sabres team will finish..


Only 55 days left!! LETS GO BUFFALO!

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It appears as though he will tweet about any random person who posted a potential trade, and with the amount of supposed "rumored deals" to be going down of course he does sometimes get it right but he is mostly speculation and would not read too much into it. Besides Patrick Kane and Blackhawks front office both admitted to needing for Kane to be more self aware of his public image and grow up so it seems he has managements support and dont think he would be traded unless he continues to have his social life embarass the Blackhawks.

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